The Nuts Every Time
Team Poker-Spank

Believe it or not we did at one time or another actually hand out vaguely useable Poker advice to people, and ran a successful affiliate business. What the fuck happened? Poker in the US died thanks to a bunch of fraud comitted by assholes, and it ruined everything. Once I’d finished sobbing myself to sleep every night for a year and a half I sucked it up and got an account at Black Chip Poker. What a fucking mistake. That place is like a knife in the eye, but when freerolls on Facebook aren’t cutting the mustard sometimes you’ve just got to take a hit for the team. Needless to say some videos on how to take down the….er….games….being played at BS, I mean BC Poker will be forthcoming in due course. Salty salty.

Those videos, and some new training focussed on how to play poker live - including some shit on how to ‘legitimately’ deal cards in a fair and straight manner will be coming soon. So stay tuned Poker-Spankers, because, as you’ll see from our Vegas blog, shit just got real.